I first wanted to say a quick thanks for checking out my site and giving me a chance to show you the work that I do.


It is a curated collection of experiences, memories, trials, and even tribulations. Through my lens I experience life - the life I live, the life around me - through the people I know, the people I have yet to meet and the places, and sometimes the predicaments, I find myself. I hope you can enjoy life as I see it.

As a little background, I have been taking photograph since I was 9 years old. I worked two summers mowing lawns to purchased my first 35mm camera, a Pentax MEsuper with a 50mm f1.4, camera at age 11. A little course work in college with the same camera and a lot of TMAX400 and then the digital conversion happened. It is best to say it happened, but not to me. I continued shooting film with a Nikon F4s until 1997, when I got my first digital with a 2MB card.  Wow, that seems like forever ago. Lately I am shooting Canon systems and happy with the products. I love to shoot sports and share these moments with the athletes.

I am not a professional photographer. I do not have the training to create art, and I leave that to those interested in doing so. I am just a guy, lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time with camera in hand.